Kathryn Dahlke

Kathryn is a lifelong athlete, passionate about soccer and triathlons. She enjoys cycling and running as ways to explore natural and urban landscapes. Follow her collection of urban street art on IGAfter recovering from multiple sports injuries, she’s excited to share her experience and empower both athletes and inner-athletes about the importance of positive attitude, patience and persistence during their training and therapy. Outside of her active lifestyle, Kathryn is an avid baker and dinner party host.


Moses Daniel

Moses is a certified Spin™, TRX™ and SYNCcycling™ Instructor with an ear for beat. Born in upstate NY, he was raised across the American and Canadian east coast and the southern US. Finding his passion for fitness through the modeling industry, to him, Aqua cycling is therapeutic as well as a journey. Moses’ classes are beat driven and always challenging & uplifting. His passions include rowing, holistic living, vegan bodybuilding and bodyweight training.


Laura Madelain

Growing up with both parents as gymnastic & sport teachers, Laura spent her childhood jumping, running, swimming and stretching after school. Originally from France, she had the chance to pursue a modeling career in Hong Kong and discovered Yoga there. Yoga introduced her to the wellness world and soon enough she became addicted to taking care of herself and others around her. Now in New York for 2 years, she started as a yoga teacher and volunteering with City Harvest. She is also studying nutrition and holistic health. Her goal is to empower people to have a healthy and happy life.

Jean-Charles Durimel aka JC

Born and raised in Paris, JC recently moved to NY with his family to live the American dream. JC has worked for the most prestigious studios of Paris. His eight years experience as a fitness professional plus certifications in Pilate and Aquabiking have made him an expert in wellness. JC brings to our team his french savoir-faire and his unique passion for wellness and water. Through his contagious smile, positive energy and attentive guidance, JC delivers a dynamic and safe class.

Fun fact: JC was never the best swimmer growing up but was always the first to jump in the water in swim classes and the last to get out.


Mia Gordon

Mia Gordon recently moved to New York from Israel where she devoted years exploring how water benefits the mind and body. As a certified Hydrotherapist and Watsu (water shiatsu) practitioner, she has studied many established Western and Eastern aquatic therapy methods and has worked with thousands of clients, accompanying them in processes of healing and rehabilitation. Out of the water, Mia is also an avid cyclist, especially outdoors. She has traveled thousands of miles throughout Asia and Europe with nothing but a bike, map and saddlebag. Mia is a certified group fitness professional. Her AQUA classes are carefully designed yo help you bring your body to it’s next level of abilities, while allowing yourself to thoroughly indulge in the unique joys of the watery environment.

Jane Bernhard

Jane is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and P90X Certified Instructor. Also a paddle board yoga and kayaking instructor, Jane is so excited to share her love for the water. With a BFA in Musical Theatre, Jane brings her passion for music to all of her classes. Jane fell in love with Aquacycling last year when she came to the studio to help rehab an injury, and she has been hooked ever since. Jane’s classes are both motivating and rejuvenating and she looks forward to helping others achieve their fitness goals.


Victoria Rae Sook

Victoria moved to NYC in 2012 after growing up in Texas and performing at Walt Disney World. She is a runner with a heavy dance background and fell in love with cycling by participating in the Braking Aids Ride- a 300 mile bike ride from Boston to New York City to raise money for Housing Works. In addition to the Braking Aids Ride she regularly runs marathons for Kellsie’s Krew, which fights childhood cancer. She believes that fitness is the ultimate way to prevent illness and fight disease and does at least one race a month to prove it – the longest distance being a Half Iron Man (70.3). As a MADD Dog Certified Spin Instructor she will safely and fiercely push you to accomplish your goals, reminding you that you are enough.


Alexia Morand

Alexia says that discovering Aquacycling changed her personal life in such a great way that she knew she wanted to share this workout with more people. With over 10 years of experience teaching spinning in Switzerland, and as a teacher and psychologist Alexia brings to the studio her passion for helping people find answers and solutions to improve their life and achieve their personal goals. Outside of the pool Alexia works as a French Professor at Alliance Francaise NYC as a PR for a French-American Company. She recently started her own company for visitors in NYC. Her passions include primatology interior design crafting and social activities…


Ed L Hall Jr.

Edouard L Hall is more than your average cycling instructor. In addition to being a Mad Dogg certified spin instructor, he has over 7 years teaching experience at various sports clubs in NYC. He is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer and races track bikes on an amateur level. For Ed, cycling excels beyond just a past time sport…. it’s a way of life. Once a NYC bike messenger and tour guide, he fully understands the importance of cycling as a way of fitness. Ed is a member of Transportation Alternatives and started a non-profit organization with his family called The Marie Georges Foundation. They aim to bring bicycles to Haitian schools that have limited forms of transportation. They also teach students the basics of bike maintenance and show them how bikes can improve their quality of life. So, if it’s a workout, tour, or race you want to prepare for, Ed has the ability to help you achieve your cycling goals.


Emma Galland

Born and raised in France, Emma started coaching sports at the French Sailing Federation at the age of 19. She then fell in love with cycling and co-founded Team Zenberry, an amateur cycling team which promotes healthy racing. To expand her knowledge of the human body, Emma became certified as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a group fitness instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness American Association. Her passion for cycling has guided her to teach over 3000 cycling classes in the past 5 years. In addition to being a spinning certified instructor, Emma is also a holistic health and nutrition coach. She co-created Zenberry, a vegan, organic and non-GMO superfood protein powder with the highest quality ingredients, to bring enlightened nutrition to people. She encourages her students to discover and cherish their bio-individuality in terms of diet, lifestyle and self-love. She has a vast understanding of wellness and will help you discover your inner athlete allowing you to succeed on the bike as well as in life. As she likes to say: ‘Strength comes from within’.


Maggie Natell

Maggie has been an athlete her entire life. She grew up playing basketball, soccer, and running track. While she was in college, her summers were spent lifeguarding. Maggie is currently a wide receiver and kicker for the women’s professional tackle football team, The New York Sharks. During the last game of the 2016 season, Maggie tore her ACL. It was AQUA that kept her in shape and got her back on the field for the following season. She believes it is a perfect workout for people with injuries and was a great addition to her physical therapy to get her knee back to where it needed to be. Now fully recovered Maggie continues to work out at Aqua to stay in shape all year round. Maggie brings her high energy and love of people and fitness into every class making each workout fun and rewarding.


Lucie Mitchell

Lucie was first introduced to yoga when traveling in Asia about 20 years ago. Yoga has established Lucie’s passion for well-being and inspired her to study Craniosacral therapy which successfully places alignment as the base of all well-being while focusing on primary respiration. Practicing Craniosacral therapy in combination with teaching yoga in London, France and New York has conditioned Lucie to become a very versatile AQUA instructor. Lucie’s classes focus on cardiovascular strengthening while incorporating some very effective stretching. Feeling “wiped-out or sore” is not the goal. By the end of Lucie’s class you will feel rejuvenated and conditioned. She thoroughly enjoys assembling her music compilation to compliment the workout and keep you inspired from beginning to end. Lucie’s class is perfect for beginners, yoga lovers and riders with injuries.


Tzipora Montaine

Tzipora began working at AQUASTUDIO® when the studio first opened its doors in 2013. Guided by her immense dedication to the AQUA workout, she quickly became an irreplaceable member of our team, which naturally led her to grow into our Leading Manager. While Tzipora played a huge role in expanding the AQUA Brand, she also completed her Bachelor’s degree in Health & Chemistry and she is currently in Nursing School. Her unique background combined with the 1000 + AQUA classes she took over the last 4 years has organically brought her to the instructor bike. Freshly AFAA certified and AQUA certified, she is now translating her passion, directly into her own classes.


Alvina Brown

Born and raised in the athletic world, Alvina has always gravitated towards adrenaline workouts and activities. While Alvina is full of energy and joy, as a NASM certified personal trainer and certified Yoga Teacher, she also appreciates the science behind exercising and the benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. After taking her first Mantra Flow AQUA Class, she was drawn to the yogi aspects of this relaxing yet challenging class and fell in love with the format. Alvina’s philosophy is: “numbers do not matter; feeling good and eating good food is when the magic happens”. When she is not teaching, Alvina enjoys traveling the world and immersing herself in each culture but also relaxing and detaching from her phone. Be prepared for a knowledge-filled and challenging workout to further your fitness journey.


Bonnie Stamper

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Bonnie grew up with a love of the outdoors. From skiing and hiking in the Rockies, to scuba diving as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, Bonnie enjoys activities that while physically rewarding also provide sensory and mind-body connection. Which explains why after just one AQUA class, she was hooked. Passionate about healthy lifestyle choices and having a positive impact on others, Bonnie encourages clients that it takes just one courageous choice to start a transformation. Bonnie is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and is on her way to becoming a Health Coach. Be prepared for challenge and support for your fitness journey in Bonnie’s classes.