2014 . A CLEAN START .


CLEAN START is designed to reset your body, jump-start your metabolism and put an end to the unhealthy cravings indulged during the Holidays.


Challenge yourself to commit to a 2-week Aquacycling Workout Program that will build physical strength, improve mental focus and achieve maximum body sculpting benefits.

Looking to challenge yourself further?

AQUA has partnered with Holistic Health & Nutrition Expert and our very own Master Instructor, Emma Galland, to design a 10-day Nutritional Detox Program. This program will help you understand your food cravings which may be rooted deeper than the seasonal holiday splurge. You will learn how to replace sugar and processed carbs with health-promoting foods designed to curb cravings and harness your body’s natural processes for filtering and removing toxins.




The Clean Start Challenge includes the 2-week Aquacycling Work-out Program and the 10-day Nutritional Detox Program.

The Aquacycling challenge includes ten aquacycling classes to be used between Jan 11th and Jan 25th. Please note that no detox program is included in this option.

The Detox Challenge includes two Educational Workshops hosted by Emma Galland herself, a Detox Guide, a Step-by-Step Plan to prepare or order-in healthy, delicious and nourishing foods, Daily Email Support from Emma, and a Gift Bag. Please note that no aquacycling classes are included in this option.

01/11 – 1:30pm Workshop #01 Beat the sugar blues
01/13 – 01/22 10-day DETOX
01/25 – 1:30pm Workshop #02 Eating for energy


Please note that if you already have an active package on your account, we offer to pause it and re-activate it at the end of the challenge.


Who is Emma Galland?


Emma is AQUA Studio Master Instructor. She has put her 18-year experience in fitness, sports performance and holistic health in the development of our work-out.

Emma is the owner of Goji Fitness, a wellness company that helps people transform their health and their lives. She specializes in weight-loss, digestive health, auto-immune disorders, inflammatory induced illnesses (diabetes, obesity, thyroid disease, pain management, etc.) and stress management for busy professionals.

Emma is host of a Lifestyle Radio Show, The Zenberry Life, and is also co-founder of Zenberry Mix, a raw, vegan, non-GMO, organic and wild crafted superfood protein mix.  

A word from Emma: ‘I am passionate about helping people find their healthy balance, reduce stress and increase their energy by making step-by-step dietary and lifestyle changes to transform their lives… The most important place to start a clean act and where we’d see the biggest results in 10 days, is to focus on removing our addiction to two food groups. Sugar and processed carbs are the most detrimental to our health. They run down the immune system, accelerate the aging process, induce weight gain, and increase inflammation throughout the body.’