INTERVAL   women only / 45min / open level / BOOK NOW
This class alternates intense burst of speed and power with recovery involving sustained arm exercises to keep the heart rate elevated. This class will quicken your mind and body and leave you feeling spent and energized at the same time.

POWER   women only / 45min / strong level / BOOK NOW
You will develop physical strength, improve mental focus and concentration as well as tolerance for lactic acid formation. This class uses our highest level of resistance combined with a slower and continuous steady cadence that will keep you hover between aerobic and anaerobic zone (the tempo zone). This class will tone your legs and leave you feeling invincible and resilient.

RESTORATIVE   women only / 45min / open level / BOOK NOW
This class restores physical and mental well-being by releasing stress, strengthening and realigning the body while connecting it to the mind. It combines aerobic endurance with deep breathing, stretching and yoga. You will leave this class feeling calmer and rejuvenated.

The dynamic of cycling under water to classical and instrumental music let you unload a lot. You can let your mind and your heart “decant” and self-reflect. The lack of lyrics unlocks your own thoughts and emotions. Our CLASSICAL RESTORATIVE increases the synergy between your body and mind and the connection with your diverse range of emotions and intuition. Intensity-wise, the class is a hybrid between restorative and interval.

MANTRA FLOW  women only / 45min / open level / BOOK NOW
This class is a unique Aquacycling class that incorporates endurance training, meditation, and the healing principles of water for a full mind-body experience. Five luxurious sequences: warm up, jump set, arm set, sprints, flying (treading water), followed by a meditation leaves you feeling resilient & energized. Set to the tone of mantra music in AQUA studio’s serene, candlelit pool, MANTRA FLOW will awaken your inner athlete for mental and physical endurance.

MEN SPECIAL   men only / 45min / open level / BOOK NOW
The Men Class was designed specially for men. The  objectives are to provide a well-rounded and challenging interval aquacycling class combining our heaviest resistance levels with high-speed effort, coordination challenges and flexibility training. You will leave this class feeling relaxed, energized and mentally stimulated.

BOOST   women only / 45min / advanced level / BOOK NOW
* Recommended to have completed at least 5 aqua classes
* Not for people with injuries or who are pregnant
* Set up on resistance 3, no exceptions or modifications
This class is for AQUA pros and meant to challenge even our fittest athletes. Using interval bursts of speed, intense arm work, jumps and athlete hills on our highest level of resistance, BOOST creates muscle overload at and above anaerobic threshold for high intensity interval training. You will increase muscle tone, endurance, and physical strength and be energized beyond what you thought possible in a full-body workout.

BLEND  women only / 45min / open level / BOOK NOW
By integrating the three class styles — Power, Interval and Restorative — with detailed explanations of body positioning and bike functionality, this class is a perfect foundational class for anyone new to AQUA, or, for those who want to revisit and refine their ride form. Come discover and share in what we’ve learned and grown to love about the aquacycling experience and begin to feel full benefits and magic of cycling underwater