Alvina Brown

Born and raised in the athletic world, Alvina has always gravitated towards adrenaline workouts and activities. While Alvina is full of energy and joy, as a NASM certified personal trainer and certified Yoga Teacher, she also appreciates the science behind exercising and the benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. After taking her first FLOW AQUA Class, she was drawn to the yogi aspects of this relaxing yet challenging class and fell in love with the format. Alvina’s philosophy is: “numbers do not matter; feeling good and eating good food is when the magic happens”. When she is not teaching, Alvina enjoys traveling the world and immersing herself in each culture but also relaxing and detaching from her phone. Be prepared for a knowledge-filled and challenging workout to further your fitness journey.

Her Favorite Class: FLOW

"It's the perfect combo of yogic thoughts and an awesome workout all in one"

Her Credentials: Certified AQUAMETHOD® Trainer + NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Certified Yoga Teacher