Emma Galland

Emma is at her best in the midst of change and adventure. She's reinvented her life and recovered her health many times and published a book about it. She will show you how to approach change confidently and plan for a long and healthy life by, first, understand how your body works; second, bring your health back into balance and increase your confidence and longevity with mindful AQUA workouts; and third motivate you to consistently execute on your healthy exercise habits, which will extend to your life outside the studio.

Emma has been at AQUA from the very beginning and, as Master Trainer, co-developed our class format and trained our trainers. AQUA is one of her lifestyle tools to bring body and mind together and help her students journey through their own transformation.

Emma is a functional nutritionist, CEO of gojifitness, developing online courses to guide people to find their own bio-individual way to eat and live, and creator of Zenberry mix, a vegan superfood protein drink. She resides in Piermont, NY, and commute to work in the city on her motorcycle.

Her Favorite Class: RESTORE AQUACYCLING on Classical Music

"Classical music instantly sets the mind into a state of relaxation. It enables introspection and emotional connection with self."

Her Credentials:

Certified AQUAMETHODยฎ Trainer + AADP Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach + Trained Functional Nutritionist by the Functional Nutrition Alliance + NASM Personal Trainer + AFAA Group Fitness Instructor + Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor + 200 hours Yoga Teacher + Antigravity Yoga Instructor + Broga Yoga + TRX + Axle workout + Kangoo jumps + Surfset + Indoboard + Bungee