An inside look at the LAND Toning Class


You’re in love with the magic of the water, but you also like the land. Don’t worry — we get it! Creating a balanced and well-rounded wellness routine is key to developing your physical, emotional, and mental stamina.

At AQUA, our Land classes are designed to augment your water-loving wellness routine. Inspired by the principles of Pilates, you’ll strength and lengthen. You’ll also encounter a meditative atmosphere where you can develop a sense of peace, rehab injuries, and decrease your stress levels. We think the power is in pairing water and land — which is what we explore in more detail within the journal more here

We chatted with our trainer Bonnie Stamper, who teaches both Aqua and Land Toning classes, about why augmenting your AQUA experience with land work is so beneficial to the mermaids among us.

Bonnie explains that the toning class is a low-impact training format to strengthen muscles — using body weight and resistance exercises. Expect to use bands, ropes and yoga mats. Even better, the classes focus specific areas, like your core, upper body or lower body. Not to mention, there’s the Stretch + Meditate class, which helps you embrace a full wellness experience. In this class, you’ll be treated to gentle but effective stretching, candles, essential oils, and a peaceful environment.

Beginners are more than welcome in all of our classes — and all movements can be modified to fit different levels, Bonnie says. Everyone can expect to walk into a toning class and leave feeling better: You’ll have improved posture and more effortless movement, she explains. Another plus? “It can really impact how you feel and how much energy you have throughout your day.”

Some of our members wonder when they can start seeing results.

“Like most forms of exercise, consistency is key to seeing lasting results. One way to see functional results is to alternate taking toning classes with AQUA water workouts,” Bonnie says.

“You'll begin to see how each format complements and reinforces the other, which is great motivation!”

And like Pilates, Bonnie mentions, “The toning classes focus on strengthening the body's core and support systems: the abdominal and back muscles, hips, gluts and shoulders.” This is done to improve the body's stability, posture and alignment.

“The movements are also gentle on the joints, which goes hand-in-hand with AQUA's impact-free water workouts,” she says.

That said, for any member who has an old or recent injury, we suggest getting the go-ahead from your doctor first, although the classes are low-impact enough that most people with injuries can do them with modified movements.

We can’t wait to see you in class!

AQUA 101Esther Gauthier