A Magical Combo: Water + Land


Finding the right workout for you is so important, but it can be challenging if you have old injuries, current health issues or have a hard time recovering from your workouts. Not to mention, it’s easy to get a little bored — both physically and mentally — by doing the same routine. That’s where water and land workouts come into play. And here’s why they’re the dream team.

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The magic of water

Water workouts combine the best of all worlds; they provide a solid workout, provide lymphatic drainage, rehabilitate injuries, and support a restorative and meditative mental state.

Water workouts are known to help you tone up, lose weight, decrease blood pressure (possibly even more than on land) and seriously improve your strength and endurance. But there’s more! Workouts in water can help you improve your flexibility and mobility — especially if you’ve got injuries or arthritis or other kinds of joint pain and stiffness. 

AQUASTUDIO instructor Bonnie Stamper says the benefits go even deeper than that, including, “Improved circulation, cellulite reduction, increased breathing capacity and better sleep and relaxation.”

Because water is 12 times more dense than the air, your body is seriously working hard to — in AQUASTUDIO’s case — peddle an underwater bike or do jumping jacks in an aqua Plyo class. On land, you feel every second of what you’re doing — especially the day after. But in the water, you’re in luck. The low impact means your next-day soreness is almost nonexistent. 

“A water workout also provides a restorative environment to which we feel directly connected, supported and into which we can release tension and stress,” Bonnie suggests. 

It’s no wonder people turn to the magic of water when they want variety, support, and a holistic edge to their workout.  

Why you should do both land + water workouts

Bonnie says that water workouts can even help you double-down on your fitness results: “Bringing your workout into the water is a great way to activate the muscles that are often targeted in land-based workouts, such as back and core muscles that are important to the foundation of any strength training, in a dynamic environment.” 

Essentially, this means that you’ll be working those muscles you need on land in a new way within the water. 

In fact, studies have found that people who mix both underwater workouts with land workouts see even more toning and strength benefits — especially if they have injuries. Popping into the pool for a class — whether it be on or off the bike — can help you build strength and rehab injuries so that you can get back to running, doing yoga, or whatever it is you love to do even better. 

And of course, there’s nothing like getting into the pool for a restorative session of low-impact exercise after a week of hardcore land training. Not only will this give your body a chance to heal itself by improving lymphatic drainage (your body’s lymph fluid contains toxins that need to drain so you can function your best), it’ll help you ward away aches and pains by increasing your flexibility and mobility.

Just take a hint from the runners out there: They love hitting the pool to keep themselves strong and healthy, and to care for aches and pains from hitting the pavement. 

People who suffer from knee a injury or have osteoarthritis can also benefit from underwater cycling as well, according to studies.  That means if you’re an avid land cyclist, switching up your routine and diving into the pool can help get you feeling better quicker.

How to integrate your land and water workouts into one routine

At AQUASTUDIO, you can combine your land and water workouts seamlessly — all in one space. With our Land Toning and Stretch and Meditate classes, in addition to our Aqua classes, you’ll be able to put your mind and body to work in magical, complimentary ways. 

First, you can use the support of the water as a way to find alignment and restoration after a week of land workouts, like our Land Toning class, which is inspired by Pilates and focuses on alignment, stability, posture, and energy. 

Or, you can follow up a high-intensity aqua class, like Plyo or Power, with our Land Stretch and Meditate class. And that’s because, to achieve balance, it’s important that you focus not only on the physical but on the emotional and mental aspects of your wellness practice. 

See you at the Studio!