AQUASTUDIO Is A Perfect Part Of Your Self-Care Practice


Water heals, inspires, and supports us — that’s undeniable, and that’s why we started AQUASTUDIO. Maybe it’s because our bodies are made up of more than 60 percent water. Maybe it’s the fact that water has long been used as an element of wellness and spirituality across cultures and belief systems. Or maybe it’s just fun to return to a sense of childlike joy by splashing around and letting loose (literally and proverbially). Whatever it is, AQUASTUDIO is the perfect place to build out your wellness and safe-care practice. Here’s why:


Your workout is about fitness as much as it is about wellness.

If you’ve already got a workout routine, why not add a few AQUASTUDIO classes to your regimen? Mixing up your workouts is the key to making gains — and by getting into the water at AQUA, you’ll be adding an essential ingredient to your wellness ritual: Mindfulness.

In our classes, you’ll connect deeply with yourself by challenging your body and mind with strength and endurance workouts, post-workout meditations, and realignment moves. On top of all of that, the water supports lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction and very little (if any) post-workout muscle soreness.

The atmosphere is calming.

In each class you’ll be treated to a dimly-lit room, glimmering with dozens of candles. The entire space is designed to feel like a sanctuary — from the front desk to the changing room, where you’ll be treated to heavenly scents, wellness products to use and to purchase, and a clean, calm environment.

It’s all about supportive community.

Coming to AQUASTUDIO is a chance to take part in a supportive community. Everyone who comes to AQUASTUDIO understands the healing, magical quality of water — and because classes are limited to 14 people, you can rest assure you’re working out alongside people who are feeling the magic, too!

It’s time for you.

When you take a class with us, it’s 45-minutes of you-time. Rather than moving from piece of equipment to piece of equipment, you’ll be on your bike (or off the bike, depending on the class), following an instructor who has designed the perfect sequence of moves. All you have to do is tune in, let go, and enjoy!