Detox, Workout & Restore: 3 Unique SaltWater Benefits


Upon stepping into our heated, saltwater pool, you won’t only experience the unique joy of biking underwater (which, take it from us, is a lot of fun!). You’ll walk away having experienced both a challenging cardio and strength-training session, as well as a detoxifying water massage and a restorative, healing experience. 

Unlike most land workouts, the water’s naturally holistic qualities offer a wellness experience that works from the inside out—on a physical, mental, and psychological level. Our members often emerge from the water feeling stronger, more balanced, and also deeply inspired—all due to the water’s intense (but low-impact) offerings.

No matter your experience level (you don’t even need to know how to swim!), here’s what you’ll experience in our pool:


A Detox

When biking under water, you’ll immediately feel the pressure of the water massaging your legs and body. This massage can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, while giving the legs a tight and toned look. You can also thank the salt for softening your skin without being harsh on it. The friction caused by the water also activates your lymphatic system, which helps to remove toxins from your body. The result is a healthier, stronger you. 

A Workout

Water is a thousand times thicker than air, creating extra resistance—which you don’t actually feel!—during your workout. This not only helps you burn more calories, it means you won’t feel sore or tight the next day. Most of our members don’t feel the typical post-workout aches and pains the day after an AQUASTUDIO® class.

It’s no surprise, though! Studies have long pointed out the amazing benefits of aqua workouts. One study found that water workouts specifically help increase endurance, flexibility, heart function, and vascular health.

A Restorative Experience

There is something deeply therapeutic about water. From ancient times, people have turned to the water—whether in the sea, at natural hot springs, or in community baths—for its restorative and soothing powers. At AQUASTUDIO®,  the warm water’s gentle and supportive nature will help you connect with your workout in both an emotional and physical way. If you’re recovering from a surgery or injury, or if you’ve got arthritis or bone issues—the pool is a great place to be. 

Mom-to-be? Many pregnant women return to AQUASTUDIO®’s classes over and over again, and that’s because the water is good for both mom and baby. 

Need help during class? AQUASTUDIO®’s instructors will help you find the modification you need for your body.

Some of our classes are geared more toward one or the other. Interested in a calm and healing experience? Try Restore. Others are more challenging and active (try Plyo or Interval). 

A great beginner’s class is Blend, which combines our three most popular classes—Power (a leg workout), Interval (a full-body workout) and Restore (which is geared toward realigning your body, stretching, and releasing stress). No matter which AQUASTUDIO® class you take, you’ll always be treated to the above benefits. 

See you in the pool!