3 Reasons Why AQUASTUDIO Is Perfect For Mom’s-To-Be


AQUASTUDIO has always been an inclusive place—somewhere where everyone, no matter their fitness level, can support their own personal wellness goals, and that includes moms-to-be! We know that pregnant women seek a low-impact but quality workout, and we’re here to support them in that!


Not only is working out in water extra supportive—since the water takes a lot of pressure off your body—spending time in water is restorative on a mental and emotional level, helping women connect with their bodies in a deeper way. 

But there are lots of reasons why moms-to-be love working out at AQUA:

Water is good for the body—and the baby

Did you know that many of our pregnant clients actually cycled until their last week (and day!) of pregnancy? Yep. The water’s support is powerful, and the science says it all: According to a scientific report published in the National Institutes of Health, exercise actually offers a number of  benefits to pregnant women.

Not only does it feel wonderful to be immersed in warm saltwater (our pool is heated to 84 degrees!),  it’s good for stimulating blood flow, the buoyancy helps to create a more supported workout, and the water is associated with lower fetal heart rate fluctuation (versus on-land workouts). With the water supporting your body weight, you’ll experience that nurturing, weightless feeling — something that is so good to feel especially during pregnancy!

But before jumping into the pool, we do always recommend chatting with your doctor first! 

Water offers restorative stress reduction

While at AQUASTUDIO, you’ll probably notice that everyone around you leave feeling refreshed and energized. No wonder: Our classes take place in a friendly, dimly-lit room lined with candles. During your workout, our instructors want you to feel inspired, not exhausted or depleted. With intimate classes designed to provide both a workout and an opportunity to take time for yourself,  you’ll feel connected to your body, mentally soothed, and rejuvenated! Plus, stress reduction is an important part of a healthy pregnancy, helping to lower stress hormones like cortisol. 

We offer prenatal yoga to complement your AQUA exercise

In addition to our AQUA classes, all moms-to-be can take our MamaGlow Pre/Postnatal Yoga class, designed by Latham Thomas, the creator of holistic maternity lifestyle service MamaGlow. The class aids all mamas in the emotional, physical, and mental journey of pregnancy and childbirth. In a sequence of safe and nourishing postures and exercises, you’ll experience a beautiful, caring experience suitable for anyone — whether you’ve practiced yoga or not!

In the end, our trainers are here to help you make the most out of your AQUA pre- and post-natal experience. When you’re in the pool, our trainers will ensure that you’ve got the modifications needed for any aquatic move or bike position. We’ve got you covered.