Our Story—And Where You Fit Into It


At AQUASTUDIO®, we’re dedicated to creating an ethical, conscious, welcoming environment where members can find themselves through their wellness practice.

If you’re searching for restorative experience that empowers you to be kind to yourself, others, and the environment, we’re here for you. Here’s what we believe in: 



We believe that to be truly healthy is to be holistically healthy—in body, mind and soul. Staying fit isn’t simply about torching calories, but nurturing your body through wholesome food, conscious self-care techniques, and healing yourself. The water not only provides an intense workout—it can heal our system and rejuvenate our minds, leading us to greater external and internal health and wellness. All of our classes are designed to help you find health from within. 


Sure, everyone wants to feel the burn after a workout—but it’s more important to us that you also feel empowered and renewed. Our water workouts provide a serious physical challenge, but they also detoxify your body and inspire the mind. We want you to leave the water feeling great —not feeling pain!


No matter your age, fitness level, story, or goal, our classes are for everyone. We don’t believe that a competitive, judgmental environment serves anyone, so AQUASTUDIO® is designed to empower and support everyone, period. We derive inspiration and strength from our diverse members, and we are committed to making sure the pool is a place of support and kindness. 


You may have read in the press that AQUASTUDIO® is the “new fad” or the “most buzzed-about New York studio,” but we’re so much more than that. We’re dedicated to the healing power of water, and we aim to bring awareness to its curative and therapeutic powers to people in New York City and beyond. Because of this, the water inspires us to act as a conscious business. Our aim is to protect our planet and educate our community on the impact we have on the environment.