Water & Chronic Illness: How AQUASTUDIO® Changed My Life


We love our Members and we love to highlight their stories! In the below story, our Member Lisa Marie Basile, 32, shares why she loves AQUASTUDIO® and how it changed her body and mind.


My AQUASTUDIO® story began in the late spring of 2017—a time I’ll never forget. After years of feeling exhausted, in-pain, weak, and sluggish, I was given a scary diagnosis: Ankylosing Spondylitis, a degenerative, incurable spinal disease. Doctors suspected I’d had it for years, but couldn’t confirm it until an MRA proved it. Because I felt so awful, my metabolism, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure were destroyed. 

Although I felt lost, frightened, and disconnected from my body, I was determined to take back control—instead of letting an autoimmune disease take control for me. 

When I joined AQUASTUDIO®, I’ll admit that I was full of fear—but also true excitement. With achy knees, an even worse back, and tiredness that made me feel like I could fall asleep on a treadmill, I worried I wouldn’t be “good enough” to make it through a class in the pool. I was also a little self-conscious about my body, especially because I’d spent so long resenting it.

Mostly, though, I was excited. I’d met people who told me they’d loved their experience at AQUASTUDIO®—that it was freeing and empowering and fun.

My first class, which I took with Ed, was epically amazing and beautiful.

The lights were dim, the music was encouraging, the water felt like a security blanket, and the moves were challenging but totally doable. The water was actually so supportive that I felt no pain the next day! In fact, my joints felt better. The water also provided serious resistance so I could actually get a real workout. 

I left feeling like I was finally in my body. I was connected, conscious, and inspired. The class was small and welcoming, and everyone was friendly. Let’s just put it this way—that’s a rarity at most boutique wellness studios. Everything from the feeling of the water massaging my legs to the light glimmering from the candles felt right. 

In time, over the course of six months, my health improved so much.

My pain levels diminished, and my inflammation decreased.

My muscles became defined, my butt got a lot perkier, my cholesterol and blood pressure normalized, and I had endurance like never before. I was more flexible, more focused, I could sleep more deeply, and I had more energy. I was more alive. 

It wasn’t just the classes; it was the whole experience. I felt like it was a family, a home away from home. The water became a magical, healing place where I was not only able to workout but take time out of my day to reclaim my body and power. The instructors were sweet, encouraging and holistically trained and knowledgeable, which makes a difference. 

At a year and a half, I can’t envision life without AQUASTUDIO®.

It’s a huge part of my wellness routine, both for my body and sanity. 

My favorite class? Plyo with Moses. In that class, you’re on and off the bike—and it’s quick, intense, and extremely challenging. It’s as much a physical experience as it is a mental one, and I love it.