Laura Delarato on Body Positivity & AQUASTUDIO®


Laura Delarato is an AQUASTUDIO devotee, Refinery 29 creative, and a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, educator, and body activist. Here, she shares some thoughts on her experiences at AQUASTUDIO. We’re super excited to share her ideas and experiences below, and to have her as part of our family.  


Tell us about yourself, Laura!

I'm a body image activist, sex educator, and writer that operated the newsletter 1-800-HEYLAURA, a resource for free sex education and confidence tips. 

Describe AQUASTUDIO in three words.

Serene, Inclusive, Committed.

What drew you to AQUASTUDIO—and what captured you once you arrived? 

I spent a lot of my workout time navigating the pain from old rugby injuries in my foot and knee, injuries that stopped me from playing and subsequently a lot of cardio, which felt awful because I wanted to workout but didn't want to make the pain worse or debilitating.

AQUASTUDIO was a unique discovery that allowed me to do cardio without limping home afterwards. I was really captured by the chill continuity from the front desk to the locker room to the pool. Everything is designed for you to be comfortable and calm. And after my first class, my knee and foot felt perfectly fine and my body was so relaxed as I left. 

As a wellness writer & body positive advocate, how do you think AQUASTUDIO plays into your personal wellness routine? 

Outside of it being beneficial to workout in water, AQUASTUDIO helps me to remember that my body size 18 body deserves to take up space in wellness. It might not feel like a typical "routine" but the amount of researching it takes to make sure my body will be welcome in a wellness space is part of my working out. 

The mental aspect of working out, being well, and taking up space is very much rooted in who is represented in those spaces, and often plus-size bodies are considered "before" photos — an antiquated understanding of health and wellness. AQUASTUDIO allows for my personal wellness to never be questioned.

To you, what is wellness?

Wellness is about doing good for your individual body, mind, and soul, and recognizing that you're wellness is going to look different from day-to-day and will never resemble another person's wellness. 

It's not always about working out and drinking celery juice and sheet masks. Sometimes it's crying, sometimes it's pizza, sometimes it's being alone, and sometimes it's being surrounded by people. You have to listen to yourself, what you need, and remember everyone else is going on their individual wellness journey. 

What are your favorite classes?

The Power class is 45 minutes of nonstop work and it's amazing. Yes, you will wonder if that is sweat or water on your face, but you won't care because you know your body is going to be so relaxed after. 

Any advice for starters at AQUASTUDIO? 

No one is looking at your body, and no one does all the moves perfectly the first time (or me—the first 10 times!). Be kind to yourself, ask for help with bike setups, and wear a sports bra when you take PLYO class. You'll be fine, babes!