Busy New Yorker? AQUASTUDIO® Is Easy


New York City life is fast-paced and busy, especially during the work week. Fitting a wellness routine into your busy day shouldn’t be impossible—and at AQUASTUDIO® it isn’t! Besides the many magical perks the pool has to offer - a low-impact workout, cellulite reduction, and lymphatic drainage, just to name a few - there are also plenty of logistical benefits for the busy New Yorker. Here’s what you should know:


Forget the heavy gym bag.

You won’t need to lug clunky sneakers, a change of gym clothes, or a towel around with you for a class at AQUASTUDIO®. In fact, all you’ll need is your bathing suit! We can provide the water shoes and everyone gets a towel. You don’t even need to bring a lock—our lockers are opened and closed by a keypad. When you’re out of the pool, you’ll simply shower in full—or rinse off, dry off, and get right back into your clothes. You can finish a class, shower, and change within an hour. Simple!

You can beautify on-site.

We’ve got everything you need to pamper yourself: refreshing peppermint shampoo and condition, blowdryers, lotion, and razors. Most of our classes won’t even leave your hair wet, so you can simply throw your hair into a bun or pony-tail and be on your way.  

We’re easy to get to and we offer classes almost all day long, seven days a week. 

In the heart of Tribeca, we’re within walking distance from several train lines, including the 1, 2, N, R, A, C and E trains. That means you can get from most Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn neighborhoods fairly quickly. Most of our classes begin at 7 a.m., and on most nights our last class is at 7:30 p.m., so you can easily take a class before or after work as well. Check our schedule here.

The pool keeps you cool.

No one likes leaving the gym overheated and sweaty—especially if you’re heading back to work or meeting a friend for a night out. At AQUASTUDIO®, the pool keeps you cooler than when you’re on land (even though the pool is heated!), leaving you feeling fresh and ready to go. 

We’re a boutique studio with a focus on you.

When you're rushing around as a busy New Yorker, it’s so important to maintain your wellness routine. At AQUASTUDIO® you will be supported! Because we're a boutique studio, you’re not just a number. You’re our family. While you're here, you will be cared for—but if you need anything at all, just ask one of our friendly staff members!