How Water Seriously Improves Your Sleep


Working out in general does a lot of incredible things for the body, but perhaps one of the most beloved benefits is this: You start to sleep like a baby. For those of you who workout on a regular basis, maybe you’ve already felt that oh-so-sleepy feeling by the end of a long day — but if you’re new to it or to AQUASTUDIO and water wellness, you’re in for a treat.

mermaid in water

According to a National Sleep Foundation study of more than 3000 adults, people who performed moderate to intense exercise for about 150 minutes per week (that’s about four or five 30 to 45 minute workouts weekly) were more energized and slept SO much better.

And when you’re working out in water, those benefits are heightened:

Andi Talarico, longtime AQUASTUDIO member, says, “I have struggled with insomnia off and on for most of my adult life, and had a truly difficult time finding a form of exercise that helped. With AQUA, there’s a lovely effect from the water that definitely helps me. I fall asleep easier at night and wake easier in the mornings.”

Water is healing to sore muscles

When you workout in water — whether you’re going hard in our PLYO class (which involves off-the-bike aerobic activities) or you’re finding alignment in our RESTORE class, you’re treating your body to the element’s soft support. This pushes you to work harder than you even realize, since the decreased weight-bearing and buoyancy helps your joints handle the workout.

Plus, the water’s natural healing abilities (along with the fact that it’s much lower impact) means you’ll spend more time sleeping — and less time nursing post-workout injuries or pulled muscles while you should be getting that much-needed sleep.

And, because water actually helps to rehab your injuries (from sports, surgery or otherwise) while supporting arthritic or mobility conditions, it can help you get back on your feet. This leads to — you guessed it — better sleep!

Water detoxes the body so you can function optimally

More so, the water offers lymphatic drainage: “The movement of the water against the body assists the flow of the lymph and blood as gentle movements in the water stimulate muscle and skin movement without stressing other body parts.”

This helps to detoxify your body so that its systems work properly and efficiently — helping you find those Zzzs more regularly and so much more deeply.

Water is gentle, nurturing and meditative

According to the University of Wisconsin, water (particularly our warm saltwater pool) warms up your body, providing a cozy sensation that, when done at the end of the day, can help you ease into a nighttime ritual.  

Beyond the physical, perhaps the least obvious (but most potent) benefit is that water, being a natural element, allows for more peaceful energy and a meditative mind-state. Naturally, when we let ourselves go and focus on the release of both the body and mind, we enter a mind-state that is loose and fluid and open — allowing us to nurture ourselves by giving ourselves what we need: Sleep. The day’s worries and anxieties become less pressing and we fall into a peaceful state of slumber and restfulness.

Building a water workout into your routine is one way to find grounding — to disconnect from the lights and digital over-connection and noises of the workaday world and to simply let your body be.

When we are functioning in this way — and letting the water nourish our spirits — we find that we are falling into healthier patterns.