Which AQUA Class Is Right For You?


Not sure where to start at AQUASTUDIO? We’ve described all of our classes below so that you can find your place. While we recommend everyone start with our beginner’s class, BLEND, we do offer several classes that range in focus. For each class, you’ll be treated to the magic of AQUA — a restorative, challenging workout complete with music, a candlelit room, and a supportive atmosphere.

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Perfect for technique + foundation

If it’s your first-time at AQUASTUDIO, you’ll want to take Blend, which is a beginner-friendly ‘sampler’ of a few of our most popular classes, including Power, Interval, and Restorative.

Not only will you get a detailed explanation of body positioning and bike functionality, you’ll get to enjoy the full range of magic that AQUASTUDIO has to offer. That’s because Power focuses heavily on the legs, Interval is a fast-paced full-body workout, and Restorative concentrates on stretching, realigning, and connecting your mind to your body. You’re also more than welcome to take Blend anytime you want to revisit the basics and better hone your form.

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Perfect for Full Body + Cardio

Interval is the essential full-body AQUASTUDIO class. This is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their heart rate elevated throughout class, and for people who want to focus equally on their arms, core, and legs. The result? Weight loss, cellulite reduction, and a dynamic workout full of fun, different moves and positions on the bike.

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Perfect for Breathing + Alignement + Stretching

Restore is the perfect class for anyone who wants to focus on the true magic of water—connecting the mind to the body. In this class, you’ll consciously breathe through motions that help you align and stretch your body while calming and centering the mind. You’ll still get a mild workout, but you’ll deeply focus on overall wellness. This is great for anyone who wants to promote lymphatic drainage, relaxation, or recovery to an injury (or, maybe you’ve just had a long week and want a pick-me-up). Stop by for a restorative session with Restore.

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Perfect for a Steady leg burn

Yep, this class is exactly what you’d think — 45 minutes of extended leg burn. Not only will this help develop your personal endurance and strength, it’ll increase your body’s tolerance for lactic acid formation (which is that pain you feel in your thighs when walking up stairs). This is perfect for athletes or anyone who wants to seriously up the tone and strength in their legs.

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Perfect to shape your arm + shoulder + back

This fast-paced and fun class uses paddles to get you the best water workout for your upper body. You’ll alternate between the use of paddles and the use of your hands, but by the end of the 45-minute session, you’ll feel strong and sculpted. If you have a shoulder injury, skip Paddle or chat with your doc first.

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Perfect for a High intensity interval training on and off the bike

With PLYO you’ll get intense calorie burn by doing rapid bursts of work both on and off the bike. Off the bike, you’ll do jumping jacks, leg raises, and explosive jumps in the water (it’s only four feet, so you won’t need to know how to swim). Plyo is perfect for someone who wants to switch up their workouts and get their heart pounding. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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Perfect for a mix of Challenge + Meditation

In Flow, you’ll be immersed in a soothing and empowering atmosphere (complete with a mantra to focus on while working) all while focusing on repetitive movement and sequence. This class is best for yogis or anyone seeking a challenge for their mind and body. Perfect for pregnant women, this class will leave you feeling rejuvenated and strong. At the end of each class, you’ll be treated to an inspiring aromatherapy meditation.

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