Maggie Natell

Maggie has been an athlete her entire life. She grew up playing basketball, soccer, and running track. While she was in college, her summers were spent lifeguarding. Maggie is currently a wide receiver and kicker for the women’s professional tackle football team, The New York Sharks. During the last game of the 2016 season, Maggie tore her ACL. It was AQUA that kept her in shape and got her back on the field for the following season. She believes it is a perfect workout for people with injuries and was a great addition to her physical therapy to get her knee back to where it needed to be. Now fully recovered Maggie continues to work out at Aqua to stay in shape all year round. Maggie brings her high energy and love of people and fitness into every class making each workout fun and rewarding.

Her Favorite Class: PLYO AQUACYCLING

"There is such a variety of movements and exercises done in this class. Going from on and off the bike really mixes it up and makes the time fly as you’re always doing something different!"

Her Credentials:

Certified AQUAMETHOD® Trainer + AFAA Group Fitness Cert. + Bodyrok Fitness-Coach Cert.