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Kalli Saphos

I’m a southern California native currently residing in Brooklyn. By day, I work as a textile designer creating prints and patterns in the fashion industry. In my spare time, I strive to be outdoors as much as I can; whether it be biking around my neighborhood, running by the ocean, or hiking in the mountains. My passion for being active led me to get certified as an indoor cycling instructor in college and I have been teaching classes ever since! Growing up in California, I spent a lot of time outside and grew an immense appreciation for being surrounded by nature and close to the ocean. Upon moving to NYC, I missed the rejuvenating feeling I got from being around the water and was looking for a way to add some variety to my workout routine. AQUA combined two of my favorite things; cycling and the water. After my first class, I was hooked! It was the perfect mix of high-intensity cardio paired with restorative movements and I left the studio feeling the positive effects both physically and mentally.


"I love the variety, you get a little bit of everything!”

Her Credentials:

Certified AQUAMETHOD® Trainer + Schwinn® Indoor Cycling + Madd Dog Spinning®

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